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Aquí puedes descargar el libro Draggar's Story, A Folara Novella de forma gratuita y sin registro. La presencia de una gran cantidad de formatos compatibles le permitirá leer el libro en cualquier dispositivo. El formato de audio le permite familiarizarse con el contenido de la carretera o hacer otras cosas.

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The undersea city of Etrusia has been deliberately infected with plague. With no one to man the controls, the air supply is severely compromised. Implosion is imminent. Draggar took over when the provisional government failed, and is trying to save the lives of as many people as he can, but without help, he knows his task is futile. Rumor has it that Quildor commissioned the refitting of a Great Ship that can leave the planet. If it exists, can Draggar find it in time? And if so, can it get to the surface before the aftershocks of implosion destroy it? In this essential companion to The Chronicles of Folara discover the valiant men and women who risk their lives to save their people at all costs and against all odds, shaping the future and destiny of their planet.

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