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La lectura gratuita es el lugar más importante en Internet donde puede encontrar los textos de muchos libros en el dominio público. En este sitio puedes descargar gratis un libro de Poet Loiterer: The Poetry of Freedom sin registrarte. Aquí verá muchas obras famosas, no solo novelas, sino también poemas, periodismo y autobiografía. Un rasgo característico de Lectura libre es el cumplimiento de la edición original de Poet Loiterer: The Poetry of Freedom, que tiene varios formatos. Gracias a esto, puedes leer un libro electrónico en diferentes dispositivos. El formato grande no siempre facilita la lectura, pero le da al trabajo un ambiente especial.

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Poet Loiterer is D.L. Lang's fifth poetry book. This 180 page collection features nature poems, protest poems, spiritual poems, and story poems. "Lang's themes include wanderlust, love for nature (and especially hiking in the California hills), religious devotion, paying the bills versus living the artist's life, and transforming from a passive pacifist to an activist. "You gave me lungs, / so that I might breathe peace" expresses forthright praise to God in "What You Created," and elsewhere, verse expresses delight in Jewish practice: "There's music and Torah both running through my soul," she observes--a quirky combination that brings to mind a Jewish Janis Joplin. In the satirical "Doves in Season," the traditional peace symbol is being hunted. "Fear not the rocking boat," another poem advises, encouraging readers to question racism, capitalism, and America's reliance on weapons. There's "More than one way to be an American," the poem "Headline Antidote" insists; indeed, this collection imagines a peaceful, joyful future America." -- Kirkus Reviews

Poetry Cram: The Ultimate Chicago Poetry Anthology Kindle A PDF

Includes Poetry Cram Volumes 1 through 13. Includes poetry written by: Alfa Rodriguez * Allison Lizcano * Almira Astudillo Gilles * Amber Groomes * Amy Srodon * Andrea Uptmor...

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"I, Cinna (The Poet) has one short scene in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar where he is mistaken for someone else and killed by the mob. Now, in a new play by Tim Crouch, this...

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A collection of poems by Michael Dennis, a London taxi driver who writes about life as he sees it.

The Miner Poet: Poems Of Pres Longley PDF Gratis 2019

Pres Longley settled into Butte County in the 1800s to mine gold and write. His verse reflects the interests, concerns, and struggles of California's growing years. He gives...

Como Descargar Un Libro Gratis Byron And John Murray: A Poet And His Publisher

Byron and John Murray: A Poet and His Publisher is the first comprehensive account of the relationship between Byron and the man who published his poetry for over ten years....

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Como Descargar Libros Para Ebook The Poet As Believer: A Theological Study Of Paul Claudel Libro PDF

This is the first comprehensive study of the theological significance of Paul Claudel, a poet frequently cited by literary-minded theologians in Europe and...

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