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Herbert Zettl draws on his expertise and field experience to bring you the new edition of VIDEO BASICS, the handiest and most authoritative, current, and technically accurate student guide to video production. Meeting the need for a briefer book, this text distills comprehensive video instruction so that it can be covered in a single semester. The book moves students from video concepts and processes to production tools and techniques, and finally, to the production environment (studio and field, inside and outside) and its effects. A more conceptual framework leads the student from the idea (what to create) to the image (how to create) on video.

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Watching, and listening to, for instance the opening sequence of Terrence Malick's The New World, or any other movie that takes the joining of sound and image seriously, it...

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Basics of Acupuncture shows that it is possible to combine Western medicine with traditional Chinese concepts. A short introduction on the theory of traditional Chinese...

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Much of contemporary photography and video seems haunted by the past, by ghostly apparitions that are reanimated in reproductive media, as well as in live performance and the...

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This video guide increases the surgeon's understanding of all types of surgical approaches for vestibular schwannoma surgery: retrosigmoid, translabyrinthine, middle cranial...

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