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In a quiet, unnoticeable revolution, multitudes of coffee shops have opened in recent years around the world. The popular instant and drip coffees have been replaced by espresso, macchiato and cappuccino – as good as those served in the best coffee shops in Italy. The expansion of a flourishing coffee market was followed by the development of espresso machines, moka pot, French press and other newfangled equipment.This rapid development created a gap between those who wanted to learn and understand the coffee world and the availability of reading material. The aim of this book is to fill that gap. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this guide and that it will improve your coffee enjoyment. To all coffee lovers everywhere, cheers! ==========================="The more you read this guide, the more you notice details. If you only glance at the pages about roasting and profiles, it looks interesting, but if you come back to them a second or third time, you will notice many more details. Warmly recommended !!!"Morio12==============="I indulged myself last week with Shlomo Stern's coffee guide book. I began to read it. It is very impressive and user friendly. He writes in depth at the right places, and skims the details which are less important. The book is an comprehensive survey of coffee, its history, types and varieties , ways of brewing( including a short discussion of grinding and brewing machines) , and even harps on beliefs pertaining to coffee, including 'coffee reading'.Very nice as a present to someone starting out in the field, and recommended!"Moti R.================"I read Shlomo Stern's book 'A Coffee Lover's Guide to Coffee'.I recommend it warmly. It is written with a love for coffee.Shlomo, who does not deal in coffee for a living, has investigated the world of coffee and written about it in full and interesting detail, and every coffee lover will find subjects that will interest him, and answers to questions he has obviously asked before. All about coffee, and nothing is missing!More power to Shlomo, with much respect!!" Ilan S

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