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Loretta Costigan, a blind adolescent, had an incredible ability to look into the future and the past in her dreams. One nightmare that she saw has changed everything. It began with a sanguinary war; the elite Democrats for powers and possessions abducted people to sacrifice them during the ghost-calling rituals by beheading or burning them alive. During the years 1905-1910, sorcerers contributed to those wicked acts and widely distributed the knowledge of witchcraft among the ordinary people and ruthless leaders. Their greediness grew day after the other, and a minister called Alfred Lanchester pledged to destroy their community. However, Alfred believed in Loretta's nightmare that comprised a mystery that would bring him to death. A journey in the horror of buried mysteries, from the misty woods to the haunted castles, every moment is filled with a breathtaking adventure and thrill.

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Northern Neck of Tidewater Virginia, in a small waterfront community Wilma Wells stumbles across a mystery. She persuades Morattico’s oldest widow, Birdie Trent, to help her...

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The Aldens visit the upstate New York town where the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" was set and discover a headless horseman mystery all their own! Their friend's ghost tour...

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Do you know a prayer warrior who is also a born again Christian? This cool warrior not worrier book will make a cool gift120 Pages High Quality Paper 6” x 9” Paperback...

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*This is the ONLY edition authorized by the author, with updated text and new cover art*Aunt Jenny brings her city nephews to Kickingbird to teach them survival skills. What...

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A PRICELESS ARTIFACT IS UNEARTHED. BEFORE LONG, IT BECOMES THE FOCUS OF three formidable groups: the finders, the seekers, and the collectors. Dr. Ambrose Scott accidentally...

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