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Death in Sevilla: Agent Scott Winthrop is called out of retirement to help Spanish authorities thwart an attempt on King Juan Carlos during the April festival in Seville. Posing as a journalist and accompanied by a beautiful young photographer, Winthrop soon finds himself the target of the would-be assassins. He makes an escape from their headquarters and a hair raising crash landing in Sevilla's cemetery, but finds he has only increased his own problems and those of the authorities he is trying to help. Full Circle: Bill Chambers receives a call from the wife of his best friend in the Air Force, a man to whom Chambers owes his life. His friend has been killed - in an "accident" - and his friend's wife, Karla, is in trouble. She and her late husband have run afoul of the powerful Sheriff of their California country. Chambers finds that he, Karla, and her young daughter are trapped within Sheriff Duclo's jurisdiction. Any escape will be a close call at best. One More Chance: Harry Marston receives a call from a former lover, Alexandra Chamberlain, who has been incarcerated by the Homeland Security Police and is being held in a prison camp near the Canadian border. He visits her but is himself arrested because she has slipped him the names of other prisoners trying to contact friends on the outside. With the help of a guard, Ken, Marston, Alex, and her friend, Marianne plan an escape during a storm that has battened-down the rest of the camp. But even if they get across the border to Canada, they will still be fugitives. Ready on the Right: Harry Chambers receives a call from a woman he has never met - Mim, the wife of his friend from the Air Force. Charley has been killed in a car crash near Valley Junction, SC, where he was teaching history. Harry decides to attend Charley's funeral, but quickly realizes that Charley's 'accident' had been staged by a right-wing group that perceived Charley as a threat. Now Harry becomes that threat. He is captured by the local fascists and must now not only escape from immediate captivity but figure out how to get Mim and himself out of isolated Valley Junction. Contrary Winds: Harry Winston gets a surprise visit from long-ago lover, Diana Gregory, who is being pursued by the para-military action wing of a powerful corporation. Harry decides that they will go south rather than try to cross the border into Canada. They stay for a while on Cape Cod, then flee to Florida, and from there to an island in the Gulf of Mexico and from there to an even more remote island. Diana is captured anyway and Harry and her powerful friend, the multimillionaire Vance must figure out how to free her. Since security is in the hands of Diana's enemies, Winston and Vance cannot inform the police. They must free her by themselves.

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