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After six long years of political genocide carried outagainst the American people by the administration of President BenjaminFranklin Luder, the nation is stunned when Luder announces that he is issuing anexecutive order to suspend the next presidential election for the good of thecountry, giving him an unconstitutional third term aspresident. Luder has slowly and systematically robbed the citizens of variousliberties and freedoms through similar acts, and in the process he has nearlydestroyed the once-greatest country on earth. However, his environmental policyof green communism has done the most damage of all, resulting in a nationwideenergy slowdown which has crippled every level of industry. It now costs theaverage American eleven dollars for every gallon of gasoline they put in theirtanks, and in winter the elderly freeze like cordwood in their unheated homesbecause they cannot afford heating oil.Like any clever Svengali, Luder does not suffer from a lackof bold delusions. Idaho's unspoiled Sawtooth Mountain Range is rich in thorium,a much safer and cleaner alternative to the uranium currently used in the fewnuclear power plants in the country that still exist. It is said that one thoriummine, located near the small mining town of Ransom, Idaho, contains enoughenergy to power every city in the US for the next five hundred years. But there'sa problem. The mine is on private property surrounded by federal lands.Luder sends Assistant US Attorney Haley Hendricks and SpecialAgent Sean Brennan to Ransom, posing as tourists. Haley is to devise a way forthe government to seize the mine in the name of national security, andBrennan's orders are to design a plan to get Luder to the mine for a photo op andthen safely back to the White House, using only a small team of operatives.Sean and Haley were once lovers—and engaged—but after Haley was diagnosedwith breast cancer Sean broke things off. Since that time, Haley has dreamed ofescaping the sewer called Washington, DC.On her first morning in Ransom, Haley locates Jace Fuller,the man she has been directed to hire to guide the presidential party to themine. From the moment she lays eyes on him, Jace takes her breath away.However, she soon learns that Jace, a former sheriff's deputy, lives only forhis eleven-year-old son, Josh, who is being raised by his grandparents. Jacespent four years in prison after his wife died of breast cancer.As Jace leads the most powerful man in the world andhis party deep into the rugged Sawtooth Wilderness of Idaho, he is unaware thata trap has been laid. Soon he will have to choose between love for his country andthe love he has for his son, between who will live and who will die—and itcould be himself.

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