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This book explores the cause, impact, and aftermath of the e-waste that has piled up in Guiyu, China. Easy-to-read text, compelling photos, and a simple timeline give readers an age-appropriate look at how people create and recycle e-waste.

Trash Talk: Moving Toward A Zero-waste World Formato PDF Kindle

Humans have always generated garbage, whether it’s a chewed-on bone or a broken cell phone. Our landfills are overflowing, but with some creative thinking, stuff we once...

Descargar Novelas Torrent National Registration For Producers Of Electronic Waste

New directives in the European Union forced the national governments to release new laws on the collection and recycling of electronic waste. Producers of...

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Descargar Novelas Torrent Waste Away: Working And Living With A North American Landfill Directas Epub Gratis

Though we are the most wasteful people in the history of the world, very few of us know what becomes of our waste. In Waste Away, Joshua O. Reno reveals how North Americans...

Disposal of Surplus Plutonium at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: Interim Report Leer Formato Epub

Disposal of Surplus Plutonium at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: Interim Report evaluates the general viability of the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security...

Descargar Libros Ebook China In Change

A comprehensive study of current developments in China, with emphasis on people-environment issues. Economic growth, population, urbanization, ethnicity, pollution and...

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Descargar Torrent De China's Air Pollution Problems Epub Gratis En Español Sin Registrarse

China’s rapid industrialisation has led to "an air pollution catastrophe". Concerted efforts to achieve economic growth have led to veiled skies of toxic air and created...

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