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Sally's Daddy Dom has been sharing fantasy scenarios with her again. He's told her he wants to try something a little bit different this time. He would like to share her with some hot young dominant men he knows. There's one catch: she's not allowed to know how many, or who they are. They could be his best friends or they could be total strangers. Tentatively, Sally agrees and throws herself into a scenario she had previously only dreamed of.

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Human rights tend to focus on the relationship between the individual and the state - the individual is the rights-holder, the state is the duty-holder. Children's rights...

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Daddy's gonna teach her some manners.  Maddox: There's a reason why I have a reputation. But if I do this, my past could go away. I have to take little Cora's virginity....

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My Daddy, Millwall and Me tells the story of how you/your child came to support Millwall Football Club. A story for children between the ages of 0 and 6 years old, detailing...

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In the children's adventure story, 'The Chance Brothers' Gift for Daddy' by Trudy, C. Hart, Bryn and Bryce Chance discover an old toolbox that they want to fix up for a...

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Whether playing ball in the park, feeding the ducks, or reading bedtime stories, Spot and his Daddy are great buddies, in a happy and heartwarming tale.

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In Deliver Me From Daddy, author Tia Monique left you with a very suspenseful ending. She had you wanting more. In this bonus ebook, she gives it to you! Download it now to...

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