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Black magic spread in medieval Europe and reached its peak during the 16th and the 17th centuries after the Renaissance. Believing in magic and magicians is a human phenomenon that exists almost everywhere around the world, and in numerous cultures that spread from Africa to the Pacific islands, and from Asia to America. During that period, the church launched a vicious campaign in Europe against the witches as they were considered as evil people who struck a deal with the devil to fight God's will on Earth. They were crucified, burned, or executed in the most horrifying ways. In this series, we present some of the novels derived from true-life stories of witchcraft practices and rituals, in which one of its most prominent features is offering human sacrifice to demons in order to get closer to them. Whether this is true or not, this doesn't deny the guilt of the crime of those people regardless of their intentions or beliefs. Such cases are considered as crimes in courts without much research in its metaphysical background. One of these horrendous stories is the story of the people with the Lucky Hand!!

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