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During the early years of the U.S. Republic, its vital southwestern quadrant-encompassing the modern-day states between South Carolina and Louisiana-experienced nearly unceasing conflict. In The Old Southwest, 1795-1830: Frontiers in Conflict, historians Thomas D. Clark and John D. W. Guice analyze the many disputes that resulted when the United States pushed aside a hundred thousand Indians and overtook the final vestiges of Spanish, French, and British presence in the wilderness. Leaders such as Andrew Jackson, who emerged during the Creek War, introduced new policies of Indian removal and state making, along with a decided willingness to let adventurous settlers open up the new territories as a part of the Manifest Destiny of a growing country. "Anyone with an interest in frontier life and American history will find this volume a critical key to understanding the origins and emergence of some of the most famous political leaders and political issues in American experience." -Midwest Book Review "This book is well written and documented with primary and secondary sources. . . . It will, in all probability, earn the distinction of becoming the standard frontier history of the Old Southwest."-American Indian Quarterly Thomas D. Clark was the dean of historians of the Old Southwest. His more than twenty books are the product of six decades of research and writing. John D.W. Guice is Professor Emeritus of History at Southern Mississippi University and a leading reinterpreter of the southern frontier. Howard Lamar is Sterling Professor of History Emeritus and former President at Yale University and the author of numerous books on the American West.

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