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It all started with an email… but not just any email.Nyima found the love of her life, in her fiancé of two years named, Tyreek. Their love for one another was undeniable and inseparable until one day Nyima received an email from an unknown source. The email turned into many as she began to question the foundation of her relationship in ways she never thought of before. Nyima’s thoughts about the emails were becoming out of control as she sought out advice from a dear friend on how to approach Tyreek about them.After she had a heart to heart with Tyreek, Nyima was convinced that what he told her about the emails were the truth. Things between the two seemed to have went back to normal for a little while. Then suddenly, their life took a tragic turn that they could never come back from with Tyreek being killed in a car accident.Nyima, full of distress, was convinced that her fiancé’s death wasn’t an actual accident. She goes on a search, along with her mother-n-law to-be, to find answers unto how her fiancé was killed and who killed him. The more they tried to figure things out, the more they ran into dead end. One thing was certain as they came to notice, that Nyima was the center cause of Tyreek’s death. The only thing was, Nyima doesn’t have the slightest clue to whom the killer could be.As the search continues, Nyima discovers the shocking reality when she gave in and listened to others thoughts containing to Tyreek’s death. It was then that she finally realized, the one who killed her fiancé did it all in the name of love…

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Show your love for that special person in your life with this personalized love journal. 6 x 9 with 100 journal-lined pages, this white paged, soft matte covered notebook is...

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On an autumn night in 1992 a Chicago Artist made a sketch of a young woman. A woman he had never seen, in a country he had never visited. Two years later they would meet and...

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