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Everyone is out to get you! There are spammers, crackers, and hackers all over the globe attempting to infiltrate millions of websites. Their goal is to break through your proverbial front door. You should take security concerns seriously when setting up and maintaining your WordPress blog or website. This ebook offers important techniques on how to protect your site and user data. WordPress expert Jesse Friedman will help you: • Learn who’s out there and how to address Botnets, spammers, and personal or direct attackers • Understand basic security precautions and how to use the key tools of the trade to protect your site–BruteProtect, Clef, VaultPress, Akismet, and CloudFlare • Discover how to update your core, vet your plugins, update themes, and stop Botnets to safeguard your site About the Author: As the Director of Innovation at BruteProtect, Jesse Friedman spends all his time innovating, arriving at, testing and building solutions. He is passionate about helping the world by connecting people through data. Jesse shares his experience and knowledge as a leader in the industry by serving as a professor at one of two universities in Rhode Island, speaking on the stages at conferences like SXSW, WordCamps, or Future Insights, and writing books, articles, and blog posts. As a veteran WordPress developer and long time advocate of open source, Jesse hopes to continue to spread the word in order to help people, businesses, and organizations improve their lives through technology. He writes and teaches online at

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