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The Oxford Textbook of Medicine provides all that any doctor needs to know to practise top-level internal medicine. It gives comprehensive coverage of the epidemiology, aetiology, and mechanism of disease, as well as clear, unambiguous coverage of the diagnosis, practical management and prevention of the entire spectrum of medical disorders. There are major introductory sections on the scientific basis of disease; and in the system-based clinical sections genetic predisposition, pathophysiology, pathogenesis, molecular mechanisms, and cell biology are covered in depth for all significant medical syndromes. Clinical descriptions of diseases are clearly and memorably written, based on the experience and insight of the authors -- many of whom are among the world's most distinguished medical scientists. Chapters are not only "evidence based" but also based on clinical experience and a thorough survey of all the relevant literature. Throughout, the approach of OTM is humane and ethical and, at the same time, factual, reliable, honest (especially where knowledge is limited) and rigorously scientific. This is not just a textbook of "First World" medicine. It provides practical guidance for doctors working in a variety of medical settings, stressing the value of a logical clinical approach rather than immediate resort to expensive imaging and laboratory tests. More of the contributing authors than ever before are from outside Europe, including strong representation of North American medicine. The new editorial team has ensured that the OTM continues to reflect rapid changes in medical practice: there are new sections on intensive care, alcohol and drug abuse, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, world health, clinical trials and evidence-based medicine, adolescent medicine, sports medicine, and emergency medicine; more than half the contributors are new for this edition; and most of the text has been heavily revised. The striking new page and cover design reflect the significant changes made in this new edition. The Textbook is illustrated by over 2000 two-colour diagrams and many colour Plates. The index is the most detailed and user-friendly of any major medical textbook: in an emergency, the reader can access information quickly - whether on the ward, in office or at home. Like its predecessors, OTM4 will be the trusted and ultimate reference in libraries, hospitals, doctors' consulting rooms, solicitors' offices, press offices, and primary care practices worldwide.

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Oxford Textbook Of Medicine Ebook PDF

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