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Meet Tiffany Juliana Conrad, a down-to-earth pretty progeny child with an attitude. Over the years she will develop at frightening speed gifts and skills she is not initially aware of. It turns out that she is a fresh chip from the old block, her father, who in his earlier years, covered the planet from coast-to-coast-to-coast and reached beyond the solar system boundaries in his secret missions. Tiffanyā€™s new kind of energy and refined visionary mind becomes a major challenge for the parents until her father recognizes the higher wisdom his daughter is also connecting to. A brilliant student, a fierce and passionate fighter for the underprivileged, she will travel far in dangerous places where she saves lives, heal others and herself, and learns new skills which will help her accomplish her daring undertaking here on planet Earth - A fearless inter-galactic chic, which is turning into a beautiful young woman now, working relentlessly in fulfilling her demanding destiny. As teenage blood unleashes in her veins, the longing and passions of a long distance romance starts to flourish, accelerating her already fast endeavors. Despite all obstacles, Tiffany is trying to provide a frail window of hope that magic and passionate endeavors could make our battered planet a better place.

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The Time Machine and The Invisible Man, by H. G. Wells, is part of the Barnes & Noble ClassicsĀ series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and...

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Candela Fuertes estĆ” en horas bajas: su lucha contra el poderoso Club Wanstein ha minado su credibilidad como periodista. CorroĆ­da por la sed de venganza, decide recurrir a...

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Moving to a new home and school in Templewood was an exciting prospect for Emily and Peter. The reality is proving anything but. Both movement and communications in and out...

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For fans of the "Who Was" series, this lively, accessible, and full-color chapter book biography shows how a self-taught scientist was the first to observe the microbial life...

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Una completa investigaciĆ³n sobre el cerebro y sus misterios. Los misterios del cerebro siempre han sido un tema de actualidad. Aunque la idea no es nueva, tiene...

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