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Terrific Teddy’s Excessive Energy is a book about how to explain ADD/ADHD to children, and for the adults who love them. Together, you’ll meet Teddy – a great kid who has trouble paying attention, remembering the rules, and controlling all his energy. When his parents discover he has ADHD, they’re able to get Teddy the help he needs to make positive changes. This book is designed for a parent, grandparent or teacher to read to a child to explain ADHD, ADD, or excessive energy. In doing so, you form a team designed to help a child learn and grow, despite his or her learning differences. In the book’s introduction, author and school psychologist Jim Forgan, Ph.D., explains how to discuss ADHD with children in a way that’s hopeful and encouraging. The book has two optional endings that give parents the choice of explaining learning differences using the term ADHD/ADD or by discussing excessive energy in general terms.

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Terrific Teddy's Excessive Energy: Volume 2 Novelas PDF

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