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How does water travel from a plant’s roots to its leaves? What shape of seed will float best in the wind? In this title, students will conduct experiments to help them better understand plants. Kids will also investigate how plants make their own food and why most leaves are green. Using everyday items that can easily be found around the house, students will transform into scientists as they carry out step-by-step experiments to answer interesting questions. Along the way, children will pick up important scientific skills. Plants includes seven experiments with detailed, age-appropriate instructions, surprising facts and background information, a “conclusions” section to pull all the concepts in the book together, and a glossary of science words. Colorful, dynamic designs and images truly put the FUN into FUN-damental Experiments.

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This rigorous yet accessible text introduces the key physical and biochemical processes involved in plant interactions with the aerial environment. It is designed to make the...

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Provides a complete introduction to plant life in climates ranging from the desert to the rain forest.

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Excerpt from Types of British PlantsThese little volumes have been planned to fill what is thought to be a gap in modern Natural History literature between the more advanced...

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As first botanical history of World War II, Plants Go to War examines military history from the perspective of plant science. From victory gardens to drugs, timber, rubber,...

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Discusses the structure of a plant, how cells work together to form a variety of plants and fungi, and the different jobs cells perform.

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