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With the news that Tammy’s mother is sleeping with Richard, Moet’s dad, Tammy has a lot to take in consideration. Does she tell her best friend or handle the matters on her own? With her relationship with her mother being better than the past, will Tammy cut her mother out she and the kid’s life for good this time? Tammy has to deal with everything that happens, but what happens when Latrell starts staying out late and taking secret phone calls? Is Latrell cheating on Tammy or is her mind playing tricks on her?Essence got herself involved in a love triangle, but she is only loving one part of the triangle. She’s falling head over heels back in love with Sept and could give a hell about her failing relationship with Kamari. Will Sept change for Essence or will he fall back into the same hole he’s crawled out of many times before? Honey is set on getting Essence out of her son’s life for good. Knowing their relationship is sinking, she decides to put more weight on the sinking boat when she reveals the secret that she has been hiding for her son. Will Essence throw in the towel this time or is her love for Kamari too strong?Avon and Ace’s relationship has been heartbreak after heartbreak. After Ace dismisses her for giving up a role that could of changed her life, Avon isn’t ready to call it quits. She’s tried of running and wants to finally make it work with Ace. Ace is worried about his daughter and if she’ll pull through this. Knowing Iesha kept this information from him, he files paperwork in court, but will he be able to get his kids? Will Iesha try to play dirty and get his kids taken from him all together? Will Avon and Ace finally get their fighting chance and be together, or will the two find themselves running away from the relationship before it could even start?In this finale to the BAE saga, we find out just how close these friends are. They’ve been through hell and back together before, but will they all make it out of their own personal hell?

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He's Still B.A.E. 3: A B.A.E. Spin-off Epub Gratis 2019

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He's Still B.A.E. 3: A B.A.E. Spin-off De Gratis Epub

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