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First book of poems.

Poems, Poems, Poems. Pagina Epub

This book is a collection of fun, simple, poems, that have a rhyming style to them.This book of poetry is geared towards the younger generation and a book that is easy to...

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Poems of the Guatemalan writer Miriam de León. Brief, with the briefness of a drop of water that falls, are the poems that make up Clepsydra, a title with which Miriam de...

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The poems in this book are, thematically, grouped into five sets. The first set of three poems, labelled "Libation," are basically a prayer and they set the stage for what...

Among Others: Poems From 2015 Ebooks Epub

Anyone touched by grief can find a resolution in these poems. Bridging narrative fiction and a year of ekphrastic poems, all new in 2015, Smith offers Among Others as an...

Paginas Para Descargar Libros R L Velarde, 21 Poems

Ramón López Velarde (1888-1921) is widely admired as one of the outstanding figures of early twentieth century literature in Latin America. On the basis of his long poem...

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More poems assembled for your viewing pleasure.

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