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2018 Reader’s Favorite FinalistChristianity vs. Islam: What will be the outcome?New suspense novel series explores the question “Why can’t we all get along?”The conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims is not just imaginary.It’s very real.In Book 1 of the Two Images of God series, Quest explores the search for peaceful co-existence between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism by revealing people who are more focused on the character of an individual rather than their religious affiliation. Members of clergy, science, medicine, and education come together to explore a common viewpoint that provides a basis for communication.But, their comradery is short-lived as their blissful coexistence is abruptly halted by militant forces bent on seeing them destroyed. Following a deadly attack at their archaeological site in Israel, will their new-found friendships last? Or, will they revert back to the prejudices of their native religious beliefs?Two Images of God-Quest begins as a journey of discovery, gaining speed like a heavily laden train, until it arrives at breakneck pace that will leave you on the edge of your seat!Want more?! Read Book 2 in the series - Two Images of God-Discontent. Written to parallel the same time period as Quest (Book 1), discover how the geopolitical events surrounding the conflict between the Western Alliance and Islamic forces boils over, leading to global chaos and the attack at the Israeli dig site.Become part of the story - get your copy today!

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