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This is a story of a real trial as seen by the court reporter (or any one who was present at the time). Only the names have been changed

Picky Picky Betty Butbut Ebook PDF

Betty Butbut loves to compliment people, but she can’t help adding her opinion on how they can improve, which makes people very unhappy. When a new student tells her to stop,...

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Mayor Ron Steadman of Centerville, New Mexico, is ready for reelection. The campaign has been running smoothly, no question. No opponent stands a chance against this powerful...

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This is a comprehensive outline covering the area of Evidence Law. Whether you are a student preparing for an upcoming examination or a prospective bar exam taker, this...

The Case For Chiropractic: The Patient Comes First Ebooks Epub

A no-holds-barred look at the history of medical opposition and the answers to their biased criticisms. Aimed at younger chiropractors and students, as well as patients and...

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While I was writing an article on a murder/robbery for one of the magazines in the Detective Files Group, I tried to have a photograph of the victim processed as an...

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European institutions are concerned at how poorly informed the public is about the European Union. More than 70 per cent of Europe's citizens claim to know very little or...

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