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This series is a spinoff of the Bruised Series.Baltimore Detectives Dee Quarter and Connie Wilks spring into action when a woman is strangled to death. The investigation immediately leads to Dee’s ex, Grayson, who still wants her. As if Grayson isn’t enough to deal with, the case brings Dee to Jonathan Wild, the leader of a cult called The Circle. The charismatic Jonathan is unlike any man Dee’s ever met and his interest in the feisty cop goes beyond the case, threatening Dee’s romance with Winston Lewis. Dee loves Winston with all her heart and despite curiosity for Jonathan, she refuses to get sucked in, but Dee doesn’t know Jonathan plans to make her a member of The Circle whether she likes it or not.While juggling her love for Winston and intrigue toward Jonathan, Dee fights to solve the case, but will she lose herself in the process?

Cathouse: The Complete Series (The Cathouse Series Book 5) Epub Gratis 2019

Get Four Smart, Sexy, & Shocking Spy Thrillers For One Low Price!Cathouse: The Complete Series bundles together all four books in the Cathouse saga, which is described as "50...

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While Jesse Quantrall searches three states for Ray Winger, a mentally ill cowboy gone missing, Jesse's youngest brother finds his girlfriend brutally murdered. Pressure...

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“I had to keep reminding myself that I was reading a book and not watching a movie—Robert MacLean's 'The Cad' is that entertaining.”—David Hallman“I really enjoyed reading...

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He failed to save his sister. Now a stable boy must join forces with two other teens and an elusive winged horse to free their world from a deadly plot to poison humanity....

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On the first day of vacay . . . Spend the holidays with the G-Men, their women and extended family as they cruise the Caribbean in first class accommodations compliments of...

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McKenzie Miller had never needed anyone. And then she died. Now part of The Grid, Kenzie copes to become what she now is forced to be—but one thing is very strange when...

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