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"To think that the rise and fall of athlete performance on a given day can be explained by random luck or fate is a mistake." - Robert Schinke. Most equestrians wish to improve their mental game. Whilst many books have been written dealing with practical aspects of training, Dr Robert Schinke has concentrated his attentions on the psychological aspect of sport training in general and equestrianism in particular. Following on from his popular book, "Focused Riding", Schinke offers the reader a wider repertoire of skills to aid the motivational approach to riding. In this book, chapters are devoted to sport confidence, optimism, emotional management, practicing techniques and performance perspectives. The author delves deep into the behaviour of equestrians, providing practical techniques that will be of use to every rider from the aspiring national competitor to the recreational rider, and his or her coach. Since writing his popular book "Focused Riding", Dr Robert Schinke has devoted much time and study to the many aspects of mental sports coaching. In his own words: "My views have both refined and altered with time.Now I propose that anyone wishing to integrate sport psychology techniques look for answers using a wider repertoire of skills. " "If you read this book and integrate its suggestions, your mental game will improve dramatically!" Dr Schinke promises. "The end result will be improved equestrian performance beyond what you ever anticipated."

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First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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