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I shall research three questions.(1)Whether has it relationship between behavioraleconomy and consumer psychology ?(2)Can apply behavioral economy concept topredict consumer behavior?(3)How can apply behavioral economy conceptto predict consumer behavior?In part one, I shall explain what behavioral economy mean and function is, and I shall indicate some examples of behavioral economy method.In part two, I shall indicate how to apply behavioral economy methods to attempt to predict Disney visitor's behavioral choice to visit , university student behavioral choice to study, underground train MTR's passenger's behavioral choice what transportation tool to catch, airline passenger's behavioral choice which airline to buy airticket to catch airplane and environment protection product buyer's behavioral choice to buy any kind of environmental product reasons.Because economic is the science of how resources are allocated by individuals, firms and markets. So, the psychology of individual behavior should be influenced by environment economic factors. Behavioral economy is seem a mathematical tool to predict consumer behaviors, e.g. product price, purchase of insurance, corporate structure and personal decisions, like investment in education or investment in saving.These external economic environment factors, firm's internal strengths or weaknesses factors and consumer's individual psychological factors will influence how many the consumers choose to buy the firm's products or consume the firm's service provision in every year.I write this topic main aim to explain how to apply behavioral economy methods to predict consumer behavior or employee behavior. In my this book, I shall indicate UK and US some public or private entrepreneurs' model, how to apply behavioral economy methods to predict whose marketing behaviors in macro economy view point as well as organizational behavior in micro economy view point both. Different industries have different unique marketing consumption models.

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