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About This Story A successful businessman decides to enter the world of politics as an independent and ends up as the Vice President of the United States (read 'The Ballot). With his focus now on the Presidency in four years, he sets out laying the groundwork to challenge the status quo in Washington. With the help of his father, they develop a campaign strategy but other forces are also teaming up to make sure this independent Vice President does not have any chance at all to challenge anyone in four years. “Tri-Partisan, The New Washington” sets the stage as the two major political parties circle the wagons and form an uneasy truce to rid Washington of this unwanted independent intruder and render him ineffective until that time. However, a developing international criminal syndicate is formed which dramatically changes the situation. With a scheme to purchase political influence in the United States Congress needed to fulfill their goals, this new syndicate will stop at nothing and are willing to do whatever they have to, to achieve them. Meanwhile the two major parties are confident that they have seen the end of this renegade third party in four years unaware of the events about to unfold that will change everything. Mixed into this is a hard-nosed police detective and his novice partner who, while investigating an apparent heart attack victim, stumble across new information that puts them on a collision course with the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and the Secret Service. Read on to see what happens as these events unfold and how they impacted the national election.

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