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The first collection of work from Emily Rose Galvin tackles issues surrounding her personal experiences with an eating disorder and the following road to recovery. This is a rare and raw snapshot, taken from all angles and placed perfectly within her own unique style of poetry and prose. Emily Rose Galvin writes with passion and expression, the reality of her words flow naturally and often breathtaking and heartbreakingly honest. This is a book of hope, a book of beauty and a book of reflection.

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Even by Arizona standards, Coolidge is a relatively "new" town. Its original site was platted in 1925 with a modest 80 acres purchased by Phoenix businessman Richard J....

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Allez, allez, les enfants ! On se bouge, effectivement ! C'est l'heure de faire du sport avec monsieur Ribéra, effectivement ! La véritable épreuve, c'est que monsieur Ribéra...

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