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Teaching Entrepreneurship is a curriculum guide for new and experienced instructors who want a structured yet flexible outline for teaching in Business and Technology. Eva Marie Foxwell's lessons are designed with a focus on giving teachers dynamic and interactive lessons, guided learning ideas, detailed assignments, formative and summative assessments, and a wealth of classroom material. For students, this curriculum guide is designed to provide space to think, reflect, create, and collaborate toward formal projects that engage real-world business expectations. Each lesson comes with step-by-step activity guides, classroom management tips, sections to customize, and questions for teacher reflection. Lessons are designed to give teachers activities, materials, and scaffolded learning toward a major assignment, for the duration of one class period of either 50 or 75 minutes, depending on your school's schedule. However, teachers may expand, contract, or omit components as they see fit. One lesson may take 1 class period or 1 week, depending on your scheduling needs or student ability. Each lesson is three pages long. The first Lesson page contains a Lesson Overview, a space for you to write any specific announcements or reminders, list of required materials, list of the lesson's objectives, and suggested learning accommodations. The second Lesson page contains a a step-by-step activity and discussion guide, synthesis activity or questions, and formative assessment questions. The final lesson page is a teacher reflection space, with questions for your own reflection after the lesson has ended, and space for your own notes and action items. Lessons can be used directly from the book, or photocopied.

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