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“I had to keep reminding myself that I was reading a book and not watching a movie—Robert MacLean's 'The Cad' is that entertaining.”—David Hallman“I really enjoyed reading The Cad. I found myself laughing throughout.”—Joanne Chase“The Toby Series is one of the most enjoyable series that I have ever read. Shades of Wodehouse and yet so modern and well..bizarre.. Had me in fits of laughter all the way through. What a bad boy !! What a great series !!”—Kindle Customer“I never thought I could enjoy a writer as much as I enjoy P.G. Wodehouse, but I've found him in Robert MacLean. Since I first discovered The President's Palm Reader, I've read all his books and found myself being amused, laughing out loud…”—Winslow“This book is deliciously insane. The life and loves of a lazy tour guide in Greece presented in a collection of crazy experiences. I loved it.”—Ldub“The Cad offers us Toby, a perfect bounder, acting as tourguide who flies by the seat of his pants.”—Blaine Carwell“Toby is irrepressible and irredeemable, a delightfully comic creation whose most exasperating quality is also his most endearing: the more we get to know him, the less we expect from him.”—The Montreal Gazette On hardcover Foreign Matter (New York, Atheneum/Macmillan), first of the Tobies: “Truly a very, very funny book."—The West Coast Review of Books “Fresh and spirited.”—Publishers Weekly “Enormously enjoyable.”—Kirkus Reviews “A complete success.”—Books in Canada “A delightfully comic creation.”—The Montreal Gazette “Funny, ebullient comedy of errors.”—Santa Cruz Sentinal “The feel of a Peter Sellers movie.”—Wichita Eagle-Beacon “Fast-moving and funny.”—Anniston Star “Could bode well for his future.”—The New York Times The West Coast Review of Books:Unlike so many humorous novels of today that are either bitter and biting or so outrageously silly that it leaves the reader feeling empty, this one’s truly a very, very funny book….Robert MacLean writes as a true humorist with witty observations and illuminations that wrap themselves warmly around the funny bone. Yet he is not above writing a hilarious slapstick when the need arises. MacLean’s observations on such everyday matters as flying, sleeping, eating and life in general are alone worth the price of the book. However, the addition of a wild and unpredictable plot with characters so wonderfully rich and eccentric, makes the book even more of a joy.Kirkus Reviews: The high jinks of a loveable ne’er-do-well expatriate—in an often very funny novel in the style of P.G. Wodehouse or Kingsly Amis. Toby Tucker is an amiable, quite lazy young man in his late 30’s who has left New York with numerous collection agents on his tail: “Most of them couldn’t make it as thugs, and they’re bitter about it.” An energetic comedy of errors….fighting his way through blinding hangovers to somehow blunder through victoriously—but he’s enormously enjoyable while he’s at it. Publishers Weekly:Toby Tucker is the feckless, likeable hero of this comic tale of modern undirected life. After supporting himself in Europe as a tour guide, Toby takes up with Marcie, a young American widow whose allowance from Hazelton Harding, her wealthy father-in-law, guarantees a lifestyle Toby is sure he was born for. When Haze threatens to cut off Marcie so she’ll move back to the States with her daughter—a precocious youngster Toby warily refers to as “the child”—Toby alternately falls and steps into a plot to reestablish the status quo…. a happy ending for nearly every one of the vivid characters who cavort across the pages of this fresh and spirited first novel.Ebook design by 52 Novels www.52novels.comCover by Peter Ratcliffe

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