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The first IRON ALCHEMY focused on training in the gym. The second IRON ALCHEMY will continue your training by building strength, power, athleticism, physique, and heroic physical ability using only your body-weight. This step-by-step guide takes you into the fortress of Bilskirnir, also known as Lightning-Crack. This was the great abode of the red headed god, Thor. Inside 6 different chambers you will learn the secrets of ultimate body strength. Once the lessons are learned and completed you will be stronger than the first Iron Alchemy. You will have the power to defeat the Jotun yourself. No longer worry about gym memberships, isolated strength, or weights. They are all poor substitutes for the world鈥檚 most advanced fitness machine, the one Odin made himself: your own body. It is time to train calisthenics -viking style. I Chapter 1: Orientations & Kunnigr 12 The Ancient Days of Fitness Training 13 Word Wizards, Scams and Kali Yuga 14 The Seven Gifts of Iron Alchemy 15 The Six Doors of Bilskirnir 16 Chapter 2: Door 1, Brj贸st 18 The Benefits of the Pushup 19 Speed 20 Wall Pushup 21 Incline Pushup 23 Knee Pushup 25 Half Pushup 27 Classic Pushup 29 Diamond Pushup 31 Uneven Pushup 33 Half Tyr Pushup 35 Leveraged Pushup 37 Tyr Pushup 39 Chapter 3: Door 2 Hryggr 42 The Benefits of the Pullup 43 Hanging on the World Tree Yggdrasil 43 Wall Pull 45 Pull Me In 47 Classic Pullup 49 Close-Hand Pullup 51 Chapter 4: Door 3 Leggr 54 The Benefits of the Deadlift and Squat 55 Good Morning 57 Glute Kick 59 One-Legged Deadlift 61 Gripping Squat 63 Full Squat 65 Throne of Asgard 67 Calf Raise 69 Chapter 5: Door 4, Belgr 72 The Benefits of Sit-ups and Leg Raises 74 Standing Leg Raise 75 Lying Bent Leg Raise 77 Hanging Leg Raise 79 Forearm Planks 81 Chapter 6: Door 5, Bauta 84 The Benefits of the Bridge 85 Short Bridge 87 Straight Bridge 89 Elevated Bridge 91 Full Bridge 93 Chapter 7: Door 6, Boegr 96 The Benefits of the Handstand 97 Headstand 99 Crow Pose 101 Handstand 103 Handstand Pushup 105 Chapter 8: The Modes of Warrior Strength 107 Beginning Your Training 108 Elite Viking Training 109 The Ladders of Valhalla 109 Obliterating Weaknesses & Imbalances 110 Moving Beyond 111 The Apples of Idunn 114 Nectar of the Heroes 115 Ice Wolf Plunge 116 Chapter 10: Conclusions and Weaving Wyrd 119 The Future of Iron Alchemy 121

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The Gods were already old when talk started of retirement. They had not lost any of their superhuman powers. But their reasons for unleashing an earthquake, a flood, a storm...

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One of history鈥檚 most notorious assassinations sets the stage for a riveting tale of political intrigue, epic battle, and righteous retribution in a new novel of ancient Rome...

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Tae Rames life is officially a mess. Not only has she insulted the gods, but she鈥檚 just escaped their trap by putting a hole in Zeus鈥 flagship, the Olympus. All in all,...

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Wildness is a kind of magicDiscover a land of enchantment, legend, and adventure in this fourth and final book of The Immortals series, featuring an updated package 鈥 perfect...

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