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Mosiman is an Edgar and Stoker Nominated author of more than 50 books."I highly recommend this set too everyone who enjoys suspense and horror." JENN"In this little collection, the reader gets a real sense of Billie SueMosiman's ability to draw them in with her descriptive ability. It isnot so much the scenery that she paints as it is the characters. Placesare mentioned, but the story could be in your own back yard." T.W.Brown, ReviewerLIFE NEAR THE BONE is a trilogy of the author's previously published horror stories and the first chapters of her new novel, BANISHED.LIFE NEAR THE BONE, the story, from the anthology PREDATORS, is about a literate man who takes Thoreau's WALDEN to heart. He not only simplifies his life--he takes it to the bone.In ANTIDOTE a vampire infected with a man-made killing disease is looking for a cure. He finds it in a most unexpected place.In ROSA TWO-COINS a New Orleans' flower peddler has more on her agenda than just getting two coins for her bouquets. She might be the Reaper in disguise. Poor Bartholomew, needing a stroke of luck, makes a mistake by making a deal with the devil.

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