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Daniel and Kazuya created three different print edition calendars for 2014.  The titles are shown below and these are still available through Amazon and other book sellers. 2014 Photo Calendar Showing Japan Mountains and Mountain Flowers 2014 Photo Calendar – Japan’s Flowers, Plants & Trees 2014 Photo Calendar – Japan Mountain Scenery They only created one calendar for 2015.  The title is shown below and this title is also still available through Amazon and other book sellers. Japan Outdoor Scenes 2015 Calendar They also only created one calendar for 2016.  The title is shown below and this title too, is available through Amazon and other book sellers. 2016 Calendar – Japan Outdoor Photos The problem with calendars is that they are hung on the wall, written on, abused and finally they are thrown away.  This book therefore includes all of the photos shown in the above listed five different calendars in a nice book form that can be kept forever so that the photos can be enjoyed again and again without being thrown away at the end of the year.  Each photo is shown with a very brief description that explains what it is and where it was taken. You will note that as there are five calendar titles shown above, there should be five photos for each month.  This is generally the case, but not always.  In some cases the authors selected fifteen or twenty of their best photos taken during the year to consider for inclusion in the calendars, but of course a calendar can only include twelve images and they had to make some tough decisions about which photos to include in the calendar and which to set aside for use at a later date.  This book includes some of those photos which had to be set aside for use at a later date.  When they show you a photo which was not used in a calendar they indicate that it was not used. Daniel and Kazuya’s “Outdoor Photography of Japan: Through the Seasons” book includes some of the same photos as this work so if you have purchased that book do not be shocked if you see two or three photos which look familiar to you.

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Japan is an interesting place. How they live can excite someone that want to go there, and the culture difference is always fascinating. As yours way of living is different...

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Cheung (politics, U. of Durham, UK) analyzes Japan's political economy in terms of its internal economic development and its external balance with the international economy...

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Matcha ist ein zu einem feinen Pulver vermahlener Grüntee, der schon lange in der japanischen Teezeremonie verwendet wird. Mittlerweile hat der giftgrüne Tee auch den...

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A grandson's photo album. Old postcards. English porcelain. A granite headstone. These are just a few of the material objects that help reconstruct the histories of colonial...

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