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A young girl knows that there is a monster in her closet. But guess what? He’s friendly. Not only does he like to play outside and drink tea, but he’s great fun in the tub! This will helps young ones re-imagine the monsters in their closests into a new friend. Includes a note to parents with tips on how to encourage reading and on how to help your child learn to read. Also included is a list of words to "point and read" to help young readers learn new words. As each word is read by a narrator words are highlighted on the screen. Sounds effects are also included.

Meet Jane Yolen Ebooks Epub

A short biography of Jane Yolen, a prolific and well-known writer of juvenile literature.

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'A striking example of two pasts threatening a joint future…A great read'Sue Moorcroft, bestselling author of Just for the Holidays‘Warm, funny…a wonderful read’...

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Life Magazine coined 1964 “The Year of the Monster” as The Munsters hit the airwaves that fall. For two seasons fans were delighted to see Herman, Lily, Grandpa, Marilyn and...

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Soon after he purchases a dusty can of monster blood at the funky old toy store near his great-aunt's house, Evan begins to notice some strange things happening to the people...

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A Monster in the WoodsFrom the author of Sanctuary from the DeadThere was nothing Todd Evans wanted to see more than a monster. A real one, not a special effects monster...

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What do world governments do when they learn that fantastical beings are not merely fiction, but flesh and blood - not to mention feather, hoof, and fang? Why, they create...

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