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Collects articles arguing opposing viewpoints regarding cults, including if they are a serious threat, why people join cults, and how their members can be helped.

Child Abuse: Opposing Viewpoints Epub Ingles

Presents a collection of articles discussing child abuse.

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Presents differing viewpoints on the risks involved in managing nuclear power, whether nuclear power is good for the environment, and if it is an economical source of energy.

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This series provides readers with the information they need to think critically about the worldwide implications of global issues; each volume focuses on a controversial...

John: Library Edition Epub Torrent

In the years following the death of Jesus Christ, John the Apostle, now a frail, blind old man, lives in forced exile on the desolate island of Patmos with a small group of...

Torrent Para Descargar Bushranger Of The Skies: Library Edition

An extraordinary case for Detective-Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte opens when a police car is bombed from the air on a lonely outback road by a mysterious pilot who plans to...

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An unsung classic of nineteenth-century Russian literature, Karolina Pavlova’s A Double Life alternates prose and poetry to offer a wry picture of Russian aristocratic...

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