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Paladin is a non-stop roller-coaster ride from start to finish. Picking up where Stage I ended, leaving our three Agents, Demitri, Azia and Mary digging deeper and deeper into their Gothic rabbit hole.A half human half Gargoyle character is introduced and shifts the story into high gear as our trio of CIA agents discover new powers with each new chapter.A new group of characters is introduced at the end that will lead to Stage III to be released Spring of 2014. So keep reading.

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Reflexively annoying, relationships, on any level, prove the hidden circle, 50-50, co-everything. Two (not-one) is the basis. Unification. Duplication. Co-operation.

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A collection of essays focusing primarily on the issues involved in transferring the word from the text to the stage, embracing issues ranging through concepts of the...

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