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There are two lines of truth very clearly distinguished in Scripture which are often confounded by those who do not read discriminatingly and who are not given to “rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” I refer to the subjects, “Salvation by Grace” and “Reward for Service.” To the casual reader of the New Testament it sometimes seems as though there is apparent contradiction, when in one place we are distinctly told that we are saved by grace alone, apart from works, whereas, in another, we are just as clearly told that we are to be rewarded according to our works. It is only as we learn the mind of the Spirit in regard to these two very different lines of teaching that the soul is set free from self-occupation and given to know the blessedness of peace with God, on the ground of pure grace, thus leaving one free to serve in the happy knowledge that the sin question is forever settled, but that service is the outflow of a grateful heart to the One who has redeemed us, and yet that He, in His wondrous loving kindness, takes note of everything we do for Him, and will reward accordingly.

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