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With a growing collection of more than 300 poems, Xoandre Moats has begun collecting themed volumes of his writings into chapbooks. Midnight Reflections is a taste of things to come, an introduction to Xoandre's not-quite-normal state of mind. “My ultimate mission through writing is to expose the raw emotions and depressing thoughts that children go through during and after the trauma of abuse. I write from the heart, with a clear head and stern focus that seems to frighten those who have never known strife. I find it infuriating when I encounter people who say my thoughts should never be presented in this fashion. To them I say: The world is like a midnight reflection. If you don't open your eyes, you will never know what true darkness looks like. You will never know where you might best shine the light of hope for someone who needs it most.” Contents: 24 poems with notes from Xoandre, imagery designed by Xoandre, photos taken by Xoandre and his mother. You will be moved, confused, delighted, and frustrated by the poems in this book. This is by design, to make you consider every possible meaning, how you feel about the ideas presented, and find within yourself that thread of revelation and joy at discovering something more…

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