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Take over from Duff McKagen and be the Bassist for Guns N' Roses. Containing eight of their biggest songs, this book includes specially recorded sound-alike CD with full performance demonstrations by Neil Williams, and backing tracks to play and singto. Transcribed from the original recordings for Bass Guitar in standard notation and tablature, with melody line and chord symbols.Don't Cry - Mr. Brownstone - Nightrain - Paradise City - Sweet Child O' Mine - Welcome To The Jungle - You Could Be Basso Tablatura CD

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Sixteen-year-old Rose O'Brian feels like she's overstayed her welcome at her brother-in-laws'. Their little village holds no hope for her either, only sadness and guilt. So,...

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A detailed history of the creation and refinement of the projectile weapon, this book details the many aspects of building firearms and increasing their accuracy. From the...

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This comprehensive book & CD set can help drummers and bassists gain valuable playing experience in jazz, funk, and Latin jazz styles. The CD features 16 play-along tracks...

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