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Silicate Science, Volume VI: Silicate Structures and Dispersoid Systems reviews the advances made in silicate research from 1960 through 1970, with emphasis on X-ray diffraction methods, their theory, and the refinements of special silicate structures, particularly of natural silicate minerals or of synthetic products. The Zolati systematics of silicate crystal structures are used in this treatise, along with the principle of a systematics after the "sharing coefficients." Comprised of three sections, this volume begins with an overview of the progress made in infrared and Raman spectroscopy as well as the Mƶssbauer nuclear paramagnetic resonance method. Advances in experimental techniques applicable to crystal structure problems and crystal chemistry are highlighted, together with research in isomorphism, isotypism, polymorphism, and the epitaxis phenomena. The next section deals with clay minerals and considers the refined physical-chemical methods used for their identification, chiefly by infrared spectroscopy. Structures, adsorption, and base exchange reactions of clay minerals with inorganic and organic compounds are analyzed. The final section is devoted to silica and silicate dispersoid systems and the many advances made in electron microscopy, especially in the Castaing electron microprobe method. This book will be of interest to mineralogists, chemists, and crystallographers.

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