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Check out STEM Advancement Inc is a leading provider of STEM educational materials that are compact, concise, and pedagogically sound. We help schools, districts, and educators everywhere develop, define, and implement a hands-on curriculum that incorporates real-world problem solving, object-based learning,coding, STEM , and more. STEM Advancement is dedicated to ensuring that educators can implement an authentic PBL STEM component to enhance preexisting science curriculum. WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE 1. Content. Goodbye to unstructured, random hands-on activities. This curriculum creates a solid foundation of content knowledge that students can build upon in future STEM classes in high school and college. Topics include engineering design, materials engineering, electrical engineering, technology education, coding, and mechanical engineering. 2. Comprehensive Support. We get how difficult it is for teachers to adapt to the PBL learning style while still preparing students for looking assessments. Every lesson in this curriculum is tied to the NGSS with a Common Core correlation guide, so teachers know exactly how the lessons can smoothly integrate, enhance and support their teaching. Every lesson is paired with a comprehensive background guide for the teacher, worksheet for the student, and correlating reference text. No scrounging on google needed. Free ongoing email support is available as well. 3. Sustainability. The Building Blocks of Engineering is a program that is self-contained and can be used and reused in various science classes to enhance and support learning and teaching. The materials provided are almost completely non-consumable, so you can continue to gain value year after year, class after class. Every unit contains everything you need to properly implement the content: PHYSICAL MATERIALS KITS PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS COMPREHENSIVE TEACHER'S GUIDE ASSOCIATED STUDENT TEXT RUBRICS AND ASSESSMENTS NGSS AND CCS STANDARDS CORRELATION STEM Advancement Inc prides itself on presenting a vertically aligned curriculum that can be easily and seamlessly integrated into a standard science classroom or used as a standalone product for an after school or enrichment program. All units can be used as a standalone course, lasting for 25-30 days of instruction. All six units align to create a year-long comprehensive science, technology, engineering and mathematics course which follows the NGSS* Physical Science Standards and Engineering and Design Standards.

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Building Blocks Of Engineering: Student Textbook Libro Patria PDF

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Building Blocks Of Engineering: Student Textbook PDF Gratis

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