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Unlike most other texts on the subject, this clear, concise introduction to the theory of microscopic bodies treats the modern theory of critical phenomena. Provides up--to--date coverage of recent major advances, including a self--contained description of thermodynamics and the classical kinetic theory of gases, interesting applications such as superfluids and the quantum Hall effect, several current research applications, The last three chapters are devoted to the Landau--Wilson approach to critical phenomena. Many new problems and illustrations have been added to this edition.

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This textbook introduces chemistry and chemical engineering students to molecular descriptions of thermodynamics, chemical systems, and biomolecules. Equips students with...

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This book on statistical disclosure control presents the theory, applications and software implementation of the traditional approach to (micro)data anonymization, including...

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This book covers the essential topics for a second-level course in strength of materials or mechanics of materials, with an emphasis on techniques that are useful for...

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Cell mechanics and cellular engineering may be defined as the application of principles and methods of engineering and life sciences toward fundamental understanding of...

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Analytical mechanics is a set of mathematical tools used to describe a wide range of physical systems, both in classical mechanics and beyond. It offers a powerful and...

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This elegant book presents a rigorous introduction to the theory of nonlinear mechanics and chaos. It turns out that many simple mechanical systems suffer from a peculiar...

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