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Here, researchers review the latest breakthroughs in protein research. Their contributions explore emerging principles and techniques and survey important classes of proteins that will play key roles in the field's future. Articles examine the possibility of a Boltzman-like distribution in protein substructures, the new technique of Raman spectroscopy, and compact intermediate states of protein folding. This well-illustrated volume also features coverage of proteins that bind nucleic acids.

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This volume contains contributions from the speakers at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on "3D 5tructure and Dynamics of RNA", which was held in Renesse, The Netherlands,...

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Critics have accounted for the genesis and the ordering of The Canterbury Tales by hypothesizing some particular intention in Chaucer's mind. However, the most interesting...

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A complete and timely overview of the topic, this Encyclopedia imparts knowledge of fundamental principles and their applications for academicians, scientists and...

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Cognitive linguists and psychologists have often argued that language is best understood as an association network; however while the network view of language has had a...

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The Hesiodic Catalogue of Women Its Nature, Structure and Origins

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