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A simple little task for the king—that was all it was supposed to be. A chance to see sunny shores and experience new lands. To enjoy a little break in the routine and a relaxing voyage. That small mission put Sir Noble Heart on a ship for the first time—and off to the most perilous time of his life! The journey was not what it was supposed to be—and neither was the ship Noble and his friend Sir Michael boarded that day. Flying under the flag of England, the Sea Eagle was not the ordinary merchant ship it pretended to be, but rather, when the occasion arose, a pirate ship!Noble and Sir Michael are dismayed to find themselves among pirates, but what can they do? Greatly out-numbered and in the middle of the sea with no way off the ship, they must make the best of it. They find the pirates have their own code of honor, twisted though it may be, and have never met true men of honor as these two young kingsmen are. Noble and Michael are forced to fight alongside the men of the Sea Eagle when a fierce battle suddenly erupts with another ship of pirates. The nightmarish circumstances that Noble finds himself in next cannot destroy his conviction that God is right there with him—and with the men who are caught in the nightmare with him.Fifth in the Noble Heart series, Sea of Honor is the story of a beacon of light in utter darkness, hope in an ocean of hopelessness, and the life raft of one young man’s faith strong enough to carry a boatload of men to redemption. Hardened men find peace in the storm when they turn to the God of Sir Noble Heart. Noble’s journey to maturity continues throughout the series of books as he seeks to follow and trust God through every test and trial that comes his way. The stories are entertaining and exciting, full of adventure and mystery—but they are encouraging, as well, meant to inspire and influence young people in their own life journeys.Parents can expect good, wholesome literature in the Noble Heart series—upholding godly values without excessive violence, bad language, the occult, immoral conduct or disobedience to authority. Whether read alone or as a family, these books will uplift and nurture all.Cover art beautifully done by Sarah Lowe. Other books in the Noble Heart series: Flight of the Falcon Quest for the Kingdom Shadow of the Dark Knight Winter of the White Wolf Valley of Valor A Hero’s Heart

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