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A diverse collection of state-of-the-art methods for the microscopic imaging of cells and molecules. The authors cover a wide spectrum of complimentary techniques, including such methods as fluorescence microscopy, electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, and laser scanning cytometry. Additional readily reproducible protocols on confocal scanning laser microscopy, quantitative computer-assisted image analysis, laser-capture microdissection, microarray image scanning, near-field scanning optical microscopy, and reflection contrast microscopy round out this eclectic collection of cutting-edge imaging techniques now available. The authors also discuss preparative methods for particles and cells by transmission electron microscopy.

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The updated guide to the fundamental concepts, techniques and applications of synchrotron radiation and its applications in this rapidly developing field  Synchrotron light...

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This forward-looking resource presents the latest details on smart RF passive component design and serves as a guide to the performance improving and cost-down solutions this...

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Driven both by real industrial needs and curiosity for fundamental research, edible oil structuring has emerged as a subject of growing interest with applications in real...

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This book on statistical disclosure control presents the theory, applications and software implementation of the traditional approach to (micro)data anonymization, including...

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The already broad range of applications of ring theory has been enhanced in the eighties by the increasing interest in algebraic structures of considerable complexity, the...

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