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Frozen beneath the treacherous ice, a man stares wide-eyed, killed by a twelve-gauge shotgun. And hidden behind the deceptive beauty of Tawes Island, secrets remain unspoken, waiting to be brought to light. Curious about the birth mother she's never known, Bailey Elliott arrives on Tawes to look into her own past, but its wary residents don't take to outsiders digging up long-buried scandal. Her great-uncle warns her she's not safe, her mother lies dead in the church graveyard, and despite the sizzling attraction between them, Daniel Catlin tells her, "The sooner you leave, the better." Now Bailey discovers a diary no one wants her to read, Daniel gives into temptation, and a decades-old crime of passion is about to be reenacted....

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Blood of My Blood. A new slew of poems are here to bring comfort to your soul. But, that also comes with a catch. There are poems here that'll either make you warm, or they...

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Soon after he purchases a dusty can of monster blood at the funky old toy store near his great-aunt's house, Evan begins to notice some strange things happening to the people...

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One of history’s most notorious assassinations sets the stage for a riveting tale of political intrigue, epic battle, and righteous retribution in a new novel of ancient Rome...

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Blood can both wound and heal . . .Willa is lucky: She has a loving blended family that gets along. Not all families are so fortunate. But when a bloody crime takes place...

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Sarah-Ann Von Payne is a natural Sang Vampire working at a local hospital. She deals with her blood fetish quietly and privately. One day she samples from a friend, who dies...

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