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This study of various female deities of Graeco-Roman antiquity is the first to provide evidence that primary goddesses were conceived of as virgin mothers in the earliest layers of their cults. By taking feminist analysis of divinities further, this book provides a fresh angle on our understanding of these deities.

The Virgin-birth Of Our Lord Libro Patria PDF

Reproduction of the original: The Virgin-Birth of our Lord by B.W. Randolph

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In Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity, A.D. Lee documents the transformation of the religious landscape of the Roman world from one of enormous diversity of religious...

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Focusing on the impact of the erotic revolution that swept through 16th-century Italy, Eros Visible presents a compendious, revisionist account of High Renaissance art....

Writing On The Wall: Graffiti And The Forgotten Jews Of Antiquity Formato PDF Kindle

Few direct clues exist to the everyday lives and beliefs of ordinary Jews in antiquity. Prevailing perspectives on ancient Jewish life have been shaped largely by the voices...

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Dear Mother is written as the memories of the author. By recounting the unusual happenings of his early years we find ourselves laughing at the behavior of this young man and...

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Como Descargar U Torrent Rembrandt's Mother: Myth And Reality Epub Ingles

About half of the work Rembrandt did in Leiden consisted of paintings, etchings and drawings showing older people. In these works an old woman is frequently portrayed who has...

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