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15 essays written for Weimar Germany to be used for studying and examinations (specifically WJEC, but could be adapted for other exam boards). Note: this book doesn't teach content it only demonstrates written essays for this specific topic. Whether you're a student, a private candidate, a teacher or someone who is just interested in History relating to Weimar Germany, this book might be right for you.

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What does it mean to be German? Learn your ABCs in the German language with grown-up vocabulary.This bilingual book's parallel text is dual German and English: German first,...

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Throughout his life Hugh Trevor-Roper sought to understand the forces that had allowed Nazism to emerge in German society. He was constantly in search of answers to his most...

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Contents: Poems and Verse Plays; Plays and Libretti; Hofmannsthal's Debt to the English-speaking World Originally published in 1973. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the...

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To overcome a crisis of melancholy after the death of his father, Montaigne withdrew to his country estates and began to write, and in the highly original essays that...

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