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Wheelchair-bound author Jack Hawkins complains only mildly when the producer of the TV movie made from his police novel changes the black widow of the title to a blonde, when her dead cop husband metamorphoses from black to a matching shade, and when the small, cynical Casey himself is made over to suit the appearance of the hunk who plays him. But then events that vary from mean pranks to potential murder begin to occur. Jack and his fiancee, Megan, are impelled into a search for the reason that this harmless and basically simpleminded film should be imperiling the lives of not only the actors and crew but some of Jack's policeman friends as well.What they find is alarming: Behind the tricks and the mayhem is an unbalanced mind—one capable of being clever, devious, and blindly determined on revenging an imagined hurt.The hunt takes Jack to an encounter with a hired assassin, to the estate of the leader of a right-wing military cult, and finally, into an underground hiding place where he is held, bound and helpless, in what is a terrifying prison and a perverted shrine.This is Rodman Philbrick's third novel about the ingenious and quietly dauntless Hawkins and his spirited Meg; readers who haven't met them previously will want to catch up quickly.

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(Music Sales America). The matching songbook to the smash-hit release from Aussie superstars AC/DC. The guitar tab book includes the hit single "Rock and Roll Train," and...

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INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER“An unbelievable debut, one that announces a new and necessary American voice.” —Tommy Orange, New York Times Book Review“An excitement and a...

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ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE. IF YOU HURT US, WE’RE COMING FOR YOU.Moxie meets Female of the Species in this powerful, thrilling, and deeply resonant novel about a secret...

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What’s a vanilla girl to do when her friends drag her to a fetish club for her bachelorette party? Wear black and try to hide from everyone. Of Course.Carnal Knowledge! Yeah,...

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Sydney Taylor Honor Award Winner Black Radishes is a suspenseful WWII/Holocaust story, in which one boy learns what it means to be Jewish and French at a time when everything...

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A tribute to the African American men and women who labored in all walks of life …who made undeniable contributions to the success of the United States of America …and to the...

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