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Experience the human side of development Papalia helps students experience the human side of development by exposing them to culture and diversity, immersing them in practical application, and helping them study smarter through personalized learning and reporting. Experience a program that connects students to the real world. Our Milestones video program allows students to witness real life as it unfolds via a customizable, assignable and assessable platform. Additionally, our new Research in Action feature highlights interesting and timely topics. Experience the diversity of the human experience. The 12th edition of this classic best-seller retains the extensive and integrated cross-cultural and multicultural coverage as previous editions. Experience a program that helps students navigate the vast amount of material in the course. Now with Connect Lifespan, Papalia 12e allows students to connect with real life and the real world. Connect Psychology with LearnSmart, our adaptive learning system, is designed to help students learn faster, study more efficiently, and retain more knowledge for greater success. And, it allows faculty to spend more time teaching and less time grading.

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The dynamic and always controversial television producer shares fifty years of show business and politics, with all the candor and wisdom expected from the creator of All in...

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About Robusta Coffee, how to prepare it correctly, now its cultivated like Arabica, Robusta taste and cultivation, how to Brew and Grind correctly,recent advances in Robusta...

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African American history has come a long way, from centuries of slavery and segregation to the civil rights movement and beyond. This collection encapsulates the sometimes...

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Roger Ebert's I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie and Your Movie Sucks, which gathered some of his most scathing reviews, were best-sellers. This new collection continues the...

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This book is a concise informative elucidation of all aspects of reproduction and development in annelids covering from arenicola to tubifex. Annelids flourish between 4,900...

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Can drug development and evaluation be improved by the use of positron emission tomography (PET)? PET is now well established and many PET centres participate in networks...

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