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Gwen Frost is a Japanese-American kitsune, fox spirit, trying to escape the bonds of traditional kitsune life in Japan and fit into normal life as an American teenager with her foster family. On her way to the bus stop, the first day at her new school in Edenton, North Carolina, she feels an ominous presence but dismisses it. When she arrives at school, she finds herself drawn to another student, a boy named Alex, who surprisingly can see through her fox spirit disguise.When a mysterious shadow creature attacks Alex after school one day, Gwen reaches him just in time to save his life. Gwen and Alex team up to find the shadow creature's master and stop its attacks before the beast hurts them or anyone else.They quickly learn, however, that the town has an unusual number of supernatural it could be anyone. It could be the vampire with a curious secret and an equally curious way of life. On the other hand, it could be the young witch posing as a constant rival and occasional ally and friend. Or, maybe it’s Gwen’s new self-proclaimed best friend, the golden-haired enchantress with the deceptively gorgeous countenance.

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