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Anatomy & Physiology, Fifth Edition answers the demand for a leaner version of Elaine Marieb and Katja Hoehn's top-selling Human Anatomy & Physiology while maintaining its trusted, accurate approach. This streamlined text excludes coverage of pregnancy & human development, heredity, and the developmental aspects of body systems, while maintaining coverage of key A&P concepts. Marieb draws on her career as an A&P professor and her experience completing her nursing education; Hoehn utilizes her medical education and award-winning classroom instruction-together, they explain anatomy & physiology concepts and processes in a meaningful and memorable way. The new Fifth Edition makes it easier for students to learn key concepts in A&P by presenting information in smaller and more digestible bites, making it easier to distinguish key concepts from supporting details. A Brief Atlas of the Human Body is a full-color atlas which includes 107 bone and 47 soft-tissue photographs with easy-to-read labels. This new edition of the atlas contains a brand new comprehensive histology photomicrograph section featuring over 50 slides of basic tissue and organ systems. Featuring photos taken by renowned biomedical photographer Ralph Hutchings, this high-quality photographic atlas makes an excellent resource for the classroom and laboratory, and is referenced in appropriate figure legends throughout the text. The Interactive Physiology 10-System Suite (IP-10) on CD significantly enriches teaching and learning environments by providing an audio/ visual presentation of complex topics. For use as both a teaching tool in the classroom and a study tool for students, IP-10 features full-color animations and video, both with sound, that thoroughly demonstrate difficult physiology concepts, many of which occur at the cellular and molecular level. Extensive interactive games and Gradable Quizzes reinforce the material. Modules: Muscular System Nervous System I Nervous System II Cardiovascular System Respiratory System Urinary System Fluids & Electrolytes Endocrine System Digestive System NEW! Immune System

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